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Saturday, January 25, 2020

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FlyOver America Admission

Buy our FlyOver America General Admission tickets for flexible entry any time.

$ 14.38

FlyOver Canada Admission 

Buy our FlyOver Canada General Admission tickets for flexible entry any time. Flights depart alternately every 15 minutes during our operating hours. 

$ 14.38

Dual Feature Admission 

Experience FlyOver America and FlyOver Canada with our Dual Feature Admission. Tickets are valid for flexible entry at any time. Flights depart approximately every 15 minutes during our operating hours. Must experience both rides on the same day. 

$ 22.99

All Day Pass

Get ready to take flight over and over with the FlyOver America All Day Pass! The All Day Pass is now available for purchase online! Admission is valid for a single rider for one day only.

$ 23.99

Gift Tickets

The perfect gift option for friends, family members and clients with no price stated.

$ 14.38

Save big with the Fish & Fly Combo Ticket. With this voucher you'll receive entry to both FlyOver America and SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium.
$ 22.99

Photo Pass

Create memories that last a lifetime! Pre-purchase your 5x7 photo print for your flight for at a discounted rate.
*Retail value: $14.95
$ 10.00